Cat Ladies

Cat Ladies is a one hour verité doc­u­mentary that unravels the real story behind the oft-ridiculed ‘cat lady’ – a cultural ste­reo­type and figure of ridicule for women of a certain age with too many furry com­pan­ions. Through the intimate portrait of four unique ‘cat ladies’ we create a sens­itive and emo­tion­ally honest portrait of women whose lives and self-worth have become intract­ably linked to cats.

It’s not the number of cats that defines someone as a ‘cat lady’, but rather their attach­ment, or non-attachment, to human beings. They create a world with their cats in which they are accepted and in control – a world where they ulti­mately have value.

2009 / Canada / Colour / English / 1.78 anamorphic presentation / Dolby Stereo 2.0 / 60 minutes

Director: Christie Callan-Jones

Official Selection – 2009 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival


  • 8 deleted scenes

Product Number: KNS 50254

UPC Number: 8-81751-50254-4