Lost Heroes

Canada Jack, Northstar, Alpha Flight, Nelvana and Captain Canuck – the most famous superheroes people have never heard of.
Why? Because, they're Canadian.
With a proud history that stretches back to the early forties and off and on since then, Canada’s comic book superheroes and their creators have largely been forgotten today. Eclipsed by their better-known, better-funded and better-marketed American cousins, they deserve better than their obscure origins and fate would suggest.
Written and drawn by Canadians for Canadians, these comic book heroes are an exciting but forgotten slice of Canada’s pop culture. They’ve successfully fought Nazis, defended Earth from evil mutants, protected its citizens from nefarious inter-dimensional aliens, battled archenemies, and even other superheroes gone bad. Over the years, they've saved Canada and the world from certain doom countless times, except no one knows who they are. They’re male and female, English and French-Canadian, Inuit and one of them (Northstar) was even the first openly gay superhero, but they’ve been lost and forgotten over the years. But now, they’re ready to return to the spotlight…
Lost Heroes is the story of these forgotten Canadian comic book superheroes and their legendary creators. Recovering a forgotten part of our nation’s pop culture, Lost Heroes is the story of a national treasure that few of us have ever heard about. It’s the story of a small country striving to create its own heroes but finding itself constantly out-muscled by better-funded and better-marketed heroes from the media empire next door. It’s the story of Canada striving for more than seventy years to have its own band of national comic book superheroes, but constantly failing to keep them alive. The question is: why?
Lost Heroes is a feature length documentary about recovering and reclaiming a piece of our lost pop culture and giving our Canadian superheroes the chance to live and fight another day.


*** - National Post (Chris Knight)

"Features a great collection of interviews, a fantastic overview of the history of Canadian comics...Well worth a look for anyone curious about the heritage of Canadian comics". - ROW THREE, Marina Atunes


2014 / Canada / Colour / English / 1.78 widescreen presentation / Dolby Stereo / 108 minutes


Director: Will Pascoe


  • 3 Bonus Scenes