Pax Americana

The prospect of Earth being ruled from space is no longer science fiction. The dream of the original Dr. Strangelove, Werner von Braun (from Nazi rocket-scientist to NASA director) has survived every US admin­is­tra­tion since World War II and is coming to life. Today the tech­no­logy exists to weaponize space, a massive American industry thrives, and nations are maneuv­ering for advantage.

Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space tackles this pivotal moment. Are war machines already orbiting Earth? Can treaties keep space weapons-free? Must the world capit­u­late to one super-cop on the global beat? With start­ling archival footage and unpre­ced­ented access to US Air Force Space Command, this elegant, forceful doc­u­mentary reveals the state of play through generals, space-policy analysts, politi­cians, dip­lo­mats, peace act­iv­ists, and hawks.

"Concise. visually stimulating and frequently disturbing for its revelations about the US miltary's ongoing efforts to ensure its domination over the heavens." - Jason Anderson, TORONTO STAR

2009 / Canada / Colour / English / 1.78 anamorphic presentation / Dolby 2.0 / 85 minutes

Director: Denis Delestrac

  • Original music by Amon Tobin
  • WINNER, Best Documentary - Whistler Film Festival

Product Number: KNS 50353

UPC Number: 8-81751-50353-4