You Don't Like The Truth

YOU DON'T LIKE THE TRUTH - 4 days inside Guantánamo is a documentary based on security camera footage from the Guantánamo Bay prison.

This encounter between a team of Canadian intelligence agents and a child detainee in Guantánamo has never before been seen. Based on seven hours of video footage recently declassified by the Canadian courts, this documentary delves into the unfolding high-stakes game of cat and mouse between captor and captive over a four day period. Maintaining the surveillance camera style, this film analyzes the political, legal and scientific aspects of a forced dialogue.

**** "A frankly gobsmacking documentary" - SUN MEDIA

**** "Required Viewing" - EYE WEEKLY

"Reminiscent of Errol Morris' THE THIN BLUE LINE or STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, YOU DON'T LIKE THE TRUTH is a politically loaded documentary!" - SCREEN DAILY

2010 / Canada / Colour / English / 16x9 widescreen presentation / Dolby 5.1 / 99 minutes

Directors: Luc Cote and Patricio Henriquez

WINNER - Best Documentary, IDFA Amsterdam 2010


  • Optional French version
  • Theatrical trailer

Available January 18, 2011

Product Number: KNS 50419

UPC Number: 8-81751-50419-7